Atomic Spectroscopy

Avantor Atomic Spectroscopy

Avantor carries a complete selection of spectrometers, other equipment, accessories, and supplies that analysts in your lab need every day to help them identify and quantify materials by examining their atomic structure.

Atomic spectroscopy is an advanced spectroscopic technology that analysts use to determine the composition of sample materials or objects in commercial, government, research, and academic labs. Avantor carries a comprehensive selection of spectrometers and other equipment and materials you’ll need to successfully determine the atomic identity of samples in your laboratory.

Featured Suppliers:

MilliporeSigma Certipur® Standards

Quality control of ICP Standars by an accredited calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025.

Specpure® analytical standards

Thermo Scientific offers a comprehensive range of spectrochemical analytical standard solutions. The Specpure® analytical standards are manufactured for exceptional performance in accuracy, purity, and quality. Browse the range today.

Featured Products:

ICP Standards, Single Element

VWRC-BDH ARISTAR ICP and ICP/MS Certified Reference Standards in enhanced packaging specially designed to prevent transpiration and ensure extended shelf life.

Sample Cups for XRF

These sample cups are designed to eliminate the need for trimming extraneous thin-film sample support material, and offer top sample loading.


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What is Atomic Spectroscopy?

Atomic spectroscopy lets analysts determine the composition of liquid or solid samples by measuring the amount of light absorbed by atoms and ions in the material at specific wavelengths. By applying electromagnetic radiation to a compound, it puts atoms in the sample into an excited state. As they return to their original condition, they emit energy as light. By measuring the wavelength and intensity of the emitted light, analysts can identify the atoms in the sample.