Analytik Jena Ultraviolet Products and Lab Equipment

Find lab equipment ranging from PCR workstations, hybridization ovens, to incubators and crosslinkers, as well as a wide range of ultraviolet light-based products.

Product selection

UVP PCR Cabinets and Workstations

The UVP PCR Workstations create an ideal environment for preparing PCR master mixes and other reactions by reducing any possible sample contamination.

UVP Crosslinker

The UVP Crosslinker is a microprocessor-controlled UV irradiation system dedicated to UV disinfection and nucleic acid linking to membranes.

UVP UV, Blue, and White Light Transilluminators

Small to large UV transilluminators from shortwave to longwave or blue/white light.

UVP UV Handheld Lamps

Large selection of UV lamps to accommodate many applications and budgets. Uses vary from rock, bacterial, and mineral identification to disinfection.

UVP Pen-Ray Light Sources

UVP Pen-Ray lamps come in a wide variety of lengths, body style, and gas fill depending on your application requirements.

UVP Hybridization Ovens

Select from a standard hybridization oven, two separately operating ovens in one device, a crosslinker/oven combination, or a compact mini-oven.

UVP Incubator

Precise temperature control and excellent temperature uniformity.