VWR Warranty and Return Policy - Costa Rica

VWR International Limited, legal document number 3-102-659845 (“VWR”), in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 7472, and its respective Regulations, issues this Warranty and Return Policy. The Policy established here is only valid for the products, goods and/or equipment delivered to the customer; any other condition or requirement not included must be analyzed and approved in writing by the General Management of VWR.

Coverage and warranty period:

The warranty is valid only within Costa Rica and only covers goods and/or services purchased from VWR.

Goods and/or equipment distributed by VWR:

Every product sold by VWR comes with a warranty. VWR provides a one-year warranty on equipment and furniture and a 30-day warranty on goods from the date of invoice.

Return Policy:

At VWR's request, the Customer shall immediately make available to VWR for examination any Goods alleged to be defective or not in conformity with the specifications of the purchase order. If any Goods prove to be defective or non-conforming, VWR may choose at its sole discretion to remedy such situation by applying any of the following options: (i) replace any defective or non-conforming Goods at no cost to the Customer; (ii) in the event a return is authorized, credit will be given to the Customer's account for all amounts paid in respect of the defective Goods; or (iii) repair the Goods. In the event of replacement, the replacement Goods will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.  For the purposes of this warranty, defective or non-conforming Goods are defined as Goods that do not meet the original manufacturer's specifications.


Laundry: Laundry processed garments have a 30-day warranty after delivery.  Garments will be freshly processed, mended and finished in accordance with generally accepted standards of the textile industry.   VWR will replace Goods worn out through normal wear and tear that can no longer be rendered adequately serviceable.

Manufacturing: Manufactured garments products have a 30-day warranty after delivery for manufacturing defects.

Laundry Remedies: If the Laundry Services prove to be defective or nonconforming, VWR may elect at its sole discretion to remedy such situation by applying either of the following options (i) re-performing the Services, at no cost to the Client; or (ii) crediting the Client's account for all amounts paid in respect of the defective or nonconforming Services.

Manufacturing Remedies: With respect to garments manufactured by VWR, and when such parts are found to be defective or non-conforming during the first thirty (30) days after delivery, VWR may choose at its sole discretion to remedy such situation by applying any of the following options: (i) refund the purchase price; or (ii) modify, repair or (iii) supply a replacement part, including labor and transportation, at no charge to the Customer.


The warranty for the distribution of manufactured and laundry Goods and services covers only operating damages, excluding those caused by the following reasons: 

  • Improper use of Goods, processed garments or products manufactured by VWR.
  • Different use than the one stipulated in the user´s manual either accidentally or with malice.
  • Use under environmental conditions other than those recommended by the manufacturer or VWR.
  • Accidents due to causes external to VWR.
  • Improper storage or transport by the customer.

Only service providers or personnel authorized by VWR may perform checks, repairs, or modifications to Goods, processed garments, or products manufactured by VWR during the warranty period. Actions by personnel who have not been previously authorized will immediately void the warranty coverage established in the present document.

Product Return.

The customer may only return products, goods and/or equipment in accordance with the following:
All returns of products, goods and/or equipment must be authorized in writing by VWR, and VWR reserves the right to refuse any return requested more than thirty (30) days after the date of delivery. Upon acceptance of the return, VWR will generate a credit note to be applied to the customer's account or future purchases. VWR reserves the right to make cash returns.  VWR must receive all authorized returns within fifteen (15) days of the date of VWR’s return authorization. Customer is responsible for all transportation fees related to returned Product unless otherwise authorized in advance by VWR.  VWR reserves the right to refuse any return shipment of the Product that has not been authorized by VWR or to return such shipment to the Customer at the Customer's expense. If any Goods or any other associated product and/or equipment is shipped or returned in error to VWR's facility, the Customer shall be responsible for removing it from VWR's facility immediately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

To ensure that proper credit can be provided, the following information must be included with every return:

  • Customer's name and address
  • Purchase order number
  • VWR Shipping Order Number
  • Invoice date and invoice number
  • Article number and quantity of returned products
  • VWR Return Authorization Number
  • Reason for return

Products, goods and/or equipment not authorized for return include:

  • Customized and/or custom manufactured products
  • Products that have been provided under terms that indicate they are non-returnable
  • Products that cannot be completely resold (including, but not limited to, opened products, sample products, or products with damaged, missing or damaged labeling or packaging)
  • Products in quantities less than the full box that were sold in full box quantities
  • Chemical products, reactive, diagnostics, culture media, flammable material, sterile products or controlled products
  • Laboratory apparatus or instruments that have been used or do not have the original packaging, labeling and manuals
  • Refrigerated products, temperature-controlled products, live specimens or other perishable products
  • Products that are not inventoried by VWR ("Out of Stock Products") that cannot be returned to the manufacturer
  • Garments that are not in original packaging or that have been used or laundered
  • Products purchased by special order (including, but not limited to, non-standard furniture products)
  • Products not purchased by the customer from VWR
  • Products with an expired shelf life or an expiration date of less than 6 months for resale
  • Discontinued products

When VWR authorizes the return of hazardous materials, the Customer must:

  1. use the original packaging and no alternatives on the VWR label,
  2. make the return shipment of hazardous materials in accordance with all applicable transportation laws and regulations; and
  3. provide the necessary documents.

When necessary, Customer must include with each return shipment of the equipment a certification from an authorized representative of Customer that the equipment was properly decontaminated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and recommended guidelines. To ensure prompt handling, Customer must affix the return authorization number on the outside of the package and include any return authorization provided by VWR as a packing slip with the returned Products. Customer must ship the Product to the location indicated by VWR with the transportation charges prepaid.

All returned products are subject to VWR inspection and acceptance. Title and risk of loss in the returned Products will be transferred to VWR only when accepted by VWR.

Updated October 15, 2021

VWR Warranty and Return Policy - Costa Rica