What Can You Do?

Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Align with VWR and our suppliers to engage in sustainable business practices.

For more information, please contact sustainability@vwr.com.

Electronic Invoicing

  • Electronic invoicing avoids printing of an enormous amount of invoices.
  • We also offer electronic storage of invoices; print copy is still available if needed.

Print Catalog Options

  • VWR uses FSC Certified (Chain of Custody) papers and printers whenever possible.
  • VWR offers its customers the choice of paper or cd version of the VWR General Catalog.
  • VWR offers an interactive, online version of VWR Catalogs.

Consolidate Your Orders

Consolidating orders helps reduce deliveries which can help reduce emissions/fossil fuels, lower packaging waste, save paper and energy, and may also help reduce receiving costs and freight charges.

  • Consolidate Orders, combine purchases for higher order totals and limit to once per day/week.
  • Purchase multiple item packs.
  •  Increase item lines in a single order.
  • Order in larger quantities.

Order Electronically

Ordering electronically saves paper, decreases order processing time and reduces paper waste.

  • Order online: vwr.com (24 hrs/7 days a week).
  • Use EDI/XML transmission standards.
  • Consider choosing products that are energy efficient, recyclable, reusable or made with recycled content.

Download Literature & Technical Documents

  • Download MSDS, Certificate of Analysis and other technical documentation online from our website to avoid printing and shipping of documents.
  • Avoid printing of literature by downloading many literature PDFs available on vwr.com.
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Take Advantage of VWR Customized Services

Customized VWR Services & Solutions* to help support your sustainability initiatives:

  • Pipet tip box recycling with TerraCycle®
  • Plasticware recovery for recycling/reuse where possible
  • Environmentally preferable products
  • Chemical Tracking

*Locations vary. Contact your VWR Sales Representative for information and options.