Pipetting & Dispensing

Three key factors – ergonomics, design and reliability – form the cornerstone of our products. Sartorius pipettes and pipette tips raise your pipetting to a whole new level ensuring repeatable and reliable results. Enjoy the experience with Sartorius products and feel the new standard of pipetting in your hand. Offering a full line of electronic and mechanical pipettes, disposable tips, pipette maintenance, and calibration services for pharmaceutical and biotech, research institutions, healthcare, and industrial laboratories

Picus® and Picus® NxT Pipettes

The Sartorius premium electronic pipettes are the most ergonomic in the liquid handling portfolio

Tacta® Pipettes

A premium mechical pipette with superb comfort and reliability that can be quickly and easily cleaned

m-Line, Proline Plus Pipettes

Manual pipettes that offer excellent ergonomics, performance and safety at a value price point

Tips, Safe-cone filters

Offering a wide variety of pipette tips and other products to improve liquid handling safety and prevent cross contamination